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Diane graduated from Georgetown University School of Nursing with her BSN and worked for 20 years as an oncology nurse in New York City.  She became proficient in holistic nursing implementing and teaching complementary healing modalities for patients and colleagues. She received her Masters of Education from New York University and became an educator at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in NJ where she moved with her new family. After years of lecturing to the community regarding cancer prevention and women's health issues, Diane became a Nurse Recruiter for RWJBarnabas Health, the largest system in New Jersey. In this position, Diane counseled people interested in health care as a career and coached nurses to find their best fit for best use of their natural skills and talent in all areas of nursing. She is an advanced certified holistic holistic nurse, caritas coach and certified healthcare recruiter.  Diane has lectured on holistic health, stress management, retention and career building throughout the state of New Jersey. She has a coaching business working with women to lose weight, gain health and confidence in life.

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Coach Diane was always there for support and guidance by: Encouraging me to look deeper and by providing me with the tools I needed to move forward. In personal coaching, if a person wants to make changes in their lives, it can be challenging; however, Coach Diane made it effortless and fun. She also was kind and compassionate when something troubling surfaced and assisted me in looking at the event or incident with a different vision to assist in my overcoming that event or incident.  Coach Diane had a special way to keep me on track by .. bringing a new topic and tool each week and being supportive in the new ideas. She opened my eyes and made me want to move forward

The tools and techniques that Coach Diane introduced or reinforced with me helped. I recommend Coach Diane especially if you want to become unstuck in your life or make changes in your life for the better. If you want to be truly happy, Coach Diane has the tools and techniques to offer that opportunity to you with warmth, empathy, compassion and teachings. She makes it fun and effortless! Coach Diane is the conduit that brings the tools and techniques to her clients to achieve the goals they want to achieve!  P. Alaimo, 2017


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